With the establishment of the manufacturing company of a hydraulic steering gear and deck machinery, YOOWON, as a company specializing in hydraulic products, has delivered relevant products to prominent shipbuilding yards, and ship owners’ companies up to the present.
Our company had established in 1992, we supplied steering gear and deck machinery system to major foreign and Korean shipbuilding yard.

Our company's goal is devote ourselves to the best company in the world with superior product and distinguished service based on the endless effort for studying and developing which come from mind that high technology innovation only leads us to be the best.

We say that the 21th century is silent unlimited competition era. Our mottos are "Honest, credibility and technology innovation" and we promise to our customers to supply good products with satisfied delivery time.

Thank you for your continued support and it would be great if you could offer me some encouragement and advice.

C.E.O Jae Sik, Han